Real Estate Lease Terms You Must Understand

Learning fundamental real estate lease terms can help you construct your understanding available real estate investment arena. The next terms ought to be understood prior to signing an industrial lease.

Common Area Maintenance (CAM)

This can be a essential real estate lease term to understand. More often than not if you have a multi-tenant building, you element in charges for CAM. Usually tenants pay $12 a sq . ft . for annual rent, along with a number for CAM. So CAM for any building is forwarded to tenants.

Most of the issues considered available arena aren’t even obtainable in residential leasing. For example, in case your real estate investment target is small office warehouses, strip malls, or strip retail centers, CAM is among the products you have to research.

Before you begin renting or buying individuals kinds of facilities, you need to know exactly what the standard CAM is perfect for your kind of property. Sometimes in certain smaller sized qualities, there’s no CAM, because the landlord pays it.

That’s a part of your costs like a landlord in this kind of property. It isn’t a pass-through, since you can’t legitimately go through CAM expenses for your tenants, if nobody in the region the master of an identical rentals are getting their tenants pay it.

Percentage Leases

Whenever you pay a set rent along with a number of sales in addition to the fixed rental, you’ve got a percentage lease arrangement. You’ll most likely not encounter percentage rent situations very frequently like a landlord. More often than not, percentage rents are utilized in retail companies situated in large shopping malls along with other similar areas.

You may charge percentage rent, should you have had a $2,000,000 shopping mall having a JC Penny’s, Sears, or Dillard’s, and also the attraction of individuals mega stores introduced visitors to your store. Therefore, they would like to become the perfect partner, essentially, by charging a percentage. This isn’t common in promising small to moderate companies.

Ground/Land Leases

This kind of arrangement is how the tenant rents the land and develops the home. Any means by that you simply enhance the grounds, including any structures, usually fit in with the owner once the lease ends. This really is really a kind of financing.

You will find many ground tenants in high-cost land areas, new You are able to City. People don’t wish to connect personal capital in owning a bit of land when they may be putting that cash into business operations. The conventional land lease is an extremely lengthy-term lease:


A sublease happens when you lease the entire property after which sublease some from it to another person. For instance, you may rent 10,000 square ft from the landlord. If you do not need everything room, you will find the right to place your own tenant to the property utilizing a sublease.


A project is much like a sublease, for the reason that you initiate the rental lease. However, you feel a landlord by assigning the whole property to a number of tenants that you manage.

At one time when property investors would lease property and negotiate a really low rental rate. They would assign that very same property to tenants in a much greater rate. Their property business consisted entirely of collecting money using their assignment.

Assignment Not Permitted

In certain commercial leases, there is a sublease clause stating that you’re permitted to sublease the whole property, susceptible to the landlord’s approval. This clause, essentially, means that you can’t assign the lease. Particularly when you are getting into bigger qualities, you will want to make sure to personally check personally the loan of everyone who expresses curiosity about leasing your home.

Tip: Assignments you can get into trouble. If you do not know if the assignee is credit worthy, don’t assign under any conditions.

Understanding real estate lease terms may benefit you over time, and don’t forget also have your real estate leases reviewed with a property attorney.