Gambling using mathematics, observations and bumper combinations

Gambling mathematics is really nothing more than probability theory, and probability theory can quickly get very complex.

Although a degree in statistics or mathematics may be helpful when using some advanced systems (including but not limited to Labouchere). Head onto mamasboyct for more information.


Most players rely heavily upon their own mathematical skills when studying new systems, but this can be an expensive mistake. We are conditioned to think that a sequence of numbers, like the numbers in a deck or dice roll, is random when it simply isn’t. If you can maintain an open mind and observe without comparing results to historical data too much, then you just might see patterns that will help you win more often on future bets.


In many forms of gambling with multiple computerized reels and/or wheels (including online casino slots), betting on ‘bumper’ combinations will increase your odds over time, especially if your system has an element of ‘risk reduction.’

A bumper is any combination whose symbols are on both ends of the centreline. Sometimes they have special pay-outs; other times not. Using a handful of different patterns for the same game can help you increase your winnings. So don’t be afraid to experiment!


Although many gambling systems depend upon a series of selections that are meant to have an even chance of winning, in reality, some combinations may be more common than others. The odds on coin tosses are well known; however, not as much is known about how often five-of-a-kind hands or other ‘outside’ possibilities tend to appear in games like blackjack and poker.

It should also be noted that certain events may occur with a slightly higher probability at some casinos than at others based primarily upon square footage (the ratio between floor space and tables). As a result, huge casinos will usually see lower pay-outs, and smaller casinos will normally see higher pay-outs.